Tips for Styling Comfort and Class

When it comes to fashion there are so many different ways you can go, but not every option is going to work for every person. We all lead very different lives and our style should reflect that. Over the years I have learned that to put it simply, dressing up is not my thing. Don’t […]


Simple (and cheap) Ways to a Zen Home

Research shows that aesthetics play a major part in how we move through our day, and the world. Whether we realize it or not, things like color, texture, and light affect the way we feel and how we perform. But being on a budget, sharing a space or having a busy schedule can slow down […]


3 Sustainable Brands for the Wild at Heart

In the wild, we consume only what we need, we enjoy what we have, and we choose things that last. We recognize that we are the keepers of our future—and the future of our children–so we invest in longevity, sustainability, and quality because we know that anything less is foolish. We live in a world […]

Daily Essentials – What I Can’t Leave Home Without

I’m always on the go and spend hours out and about whether it’s on-set, working out, or spending time with friends and family. If you ask me to open my purse, it’s basically a Mary Poppins bag filled with goodies to get me through the day. Here are my essentials that I can’t leave home […]


Companies with a Cause

Part of my starting this website is to give back to the community and my fans in ways that are deeper and really meaningful. I thought about how many other companies are out there doing the same thing (and on a way bigger scale) and wanted to highlight them here. Because they’re kick ass and […]