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Off the Red Carpet, Into the Woods

This post was originally published on Lenny Letter. “The one for whom behind every hot pair of boots or sexy little skirt or flourish of the hair there was a trapdoor that led to the least true version of me. Now there was only one version. On the PCT I had no choice but to inhabit […]


3 Sustainable Brands for the Wild at Heart

In the wild, we consume only what we need, we enjoy what we have, and we choose things that last. We recognize that we are the keepers of our future—and the future of our children–so we invest in longevity, sustainability, and quality because we know that anything less is foolish. We live in a world […]


5 Ways to Slow Ground Your Mornings

Article originally appeared on Of The Wolves We are officially just two weeks into the new year, and if you’re like most people your resolutions might already be fading into the past. People often use the marker of the new year to set the bar so high for themselves that it becomes nearly impossible to […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Horse Racing

  There was a time in which I viewed the world of horse racing with awe. I no longer see the sport in that light.  Rather, I see it as something impressive, turned nasty with greed. We are currently knee deep in a series of races known as ‘The Triple Crown’. A title awarded to a […]


The Soul Science of Shirley MacLaine

Article was originally published on Lenny Letter. Who better to interview the iconic actress Shirley MacLaine than her super-fan Beth Behrs? They talked about Shirley’s new movie, The Last Word, in which she plays a control freak who wants to determine the contents of her obituary before she’s even died; Shirley’s solo trip walking the El […]


Donkeys in LA

Margarita stands with two straps of her winter blanket dragging in muddy puddles that formed themselves overnight. Rain is a rare visitor to the typically scorched Topanga landscape, yet it started strong last night, and carried on into today’s late, foggy morning. The donkey is staring at me with her giant eyes full of expectations […]


Morning Rich-uals

Want to get rich? No, I’m not talking about that green paper physical commodity sort of rich – I’m talking about obtaining richness in your life through mastering your mind, body, and spirit in your morning routine practice.  Truth be told, the way you prime yourself for the day has an enormous impact on the […]


The Key To Turning Passion Into Action

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. – Colin Powell Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier We’ve all felt it, that familiar spark of excitement; our hearts beat a little faster, our minds begin to swirl and churn. […]

From Fear to a Me-Tox Preshow Ritual

Alisha and I have been best friends since musical theater summer camp at 16 years old. We were roommates for four years at UCLA. I’m Maid of Honor in her wedding this summer. We have both struggled with fear and performance anxiety for years. We are each other’s cheerleaders, each other’s rocks. I am so […]