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“I look fat today. He didn’t call me back because he probably met someone better.  She’s so much prettier than me.  I’m not smart enough to start my own business.  I’ll never be good enough.”


Does any of this sound familiar?  Have you ever stopped to actually notice the things you are saying to yourself on a daily basis?  The story that is consistently playing out in your head?  Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and then automatically think you’re in some way, shape, or form not good enough?  The mind-body connection is a powerful thing and these beautiful and intelligent bodies of ours will run off of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we are feeding it which in turn positively or negatively affects our biological functioning.  We all have inner self-critics, but if you happen to be one of the many who struggle with a rather loud and overly-opinionated one (hand raised!), then I cannot suggest enough initiating a conscious practice of trying to be a little kinder to yourself. You wouldn’t look at your best friend and tell them they did a bad job at work yesterday, have bags under their eyes, and are a failure for not making it to the gym all week, would you?  If you talked to your friends like you talked to yourself, would you even have any?   

As someone who is brand new to the concept of self-love and perhaps a bit skeptical of the power of our words, I decided to run a little experiment (at the expense of others questioning my sanity) inspired by Dr. Emoto’s research on water and human consciousness.  The experiment consisted of me taking a regular apple, cutting it in half, placing one half of the apple in a sealed container labeled “LOVE” and the other half in a sealed container labeled “HATE”.  For 20 days straight I said and thought kind, loving, and encouraging words towards one half of the apple and alternatively, mean, hateful and destructive words to the other half.  The apple halves were kept in the same location throughout the experiment, the only difference were the thoughts and words I was emitting to the apple pieces every day.  The result after 20 days of me talking to apples (minus my boyfriend phoning a therapist)?  You guessed it, Snow White. The “bad” apple severely rotted and the “love” apple held its own (pictured below).

So, how exactly is this possible?  Science has proven that everything in the world carries a vibration, including our thoughts and words.  In Dr. Emoto’s water crystal experiment he demonstrates that water is actually alive and responsive to these thoughts, feelings, and emotions of ours which, in turn, all have a direct effect on our physical world.  Apples are composed of about 80% water which is why when I spent 20 days screaming at one, there was a clear physical reaction.  Now to bring it all back, our human bodies, too, are made up of more than 60% water. So the question then becomes, if this is what happens to apples, what do you think happens to you when you have a good or bad thought?  


It’s time to change the way we are speaking to ourselves and begin to give ourselves what we are all constantly trying to give to others.  We have all heard that we are our own worst critic, but I challenge you to try and shift that.  You can begin to do so by simply giving yourself one compliment per day – this could be anything such as saying something you appreciate about yourself or recognizing yourself for an accomplishment that day.  Once you work on getting your inside right by becoming aware of your negative self-talk and actively working on being nicer, you will find that your outside world will soon shift for the better.  For years there has been such an immense focus on what you’re feeding your body every day, but what are you actually feeding your mind?


A kind word a day keeps the rotting away… chew on that.



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