Life Is Better With Pets!

I love the bumper stickers on cars that say ‘Who Saved Who’?! And I think it’s true! Who did save who? When we get a new pet (whether it be from a breeder or via adopting) I think the initial intention is to make the pet’s life better, to rescue them, to make them a part of your life. But from my experience, these creatures are really a gift to us, the humans. They have so much to teach us.


If you don’t have severe allergies to cats, dogs, or even a horse (on a larger budget), a four-legged love may be a fulfilling addition to your life. Here are some of the ways my life personally has been elevated from having my furry kids around.


Unconditional Love & Companionship

They absolutely teach us this. It is truly incredible how much unconditional love a pet brings into our lives. They are the energy of pure love, and non-judgment. If we’re short tempered, agitated, or whatever less desirable quality, our pet is a constant reminder of how to not judge. They are a constant stream of support in so many ways. My Yorkshire terrier Paisley sits on the couch with my while I write, waits for me to wake up in the morning, and when I do she is so excited that her mommy just woke up. She is ready to give me lots of good morning love vibes. And I absolutely cherish it! They are our companions. With a furry friend around you never need feel lonely.



Have you forgotten to have fun in your life? Well, a pet can certainly fix that! At our house, we have 3 dogs and a cat. We are anything but short on play. As humans, we must take breaks from the grind of work, careers, and other responsibilities, to enjoy life. As my Aunt says, “Life happens while you are making plans”. We’re so caught up in what meeting we need to prep for or planning an event, or thinking about our 5 year goals, etc. that we are almost never present in the now. Having a pet forces you to take a break from the world to relax, release, and have fun! Throw a ball, run around the house playing chase, make funny animal sounds; to be present for the opportunity to experience joy.


Sense of Purpose & Meaning

Having the responsibility of caring for an animal is knowing that this little (or big) creature is completely dependent on you. With that responsibility brings so much pride to know that in this way, you can provide a healthy, happy, and loving life for a special one. It also awakens an awareness of caring for others which in my experience translates from pets to people. It’s very rewarding to know you are a part of elevating others’ lives and definitely brings meaning and fulfillment.


There is so much to love about having a pet. They can help us heal from trauma, provide us constant companionship, be there as a listening ear, get us into the only moment we really have which is the now, and they are fun to take pictures of or with! With all that in mind, have you decided yet who has saved who? Go get your four-legged furry love and live your best life!


By: Breanne Jenay Benson

Instagram: @breannejenay

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