Think Mystery

When I see the English Roses in our backyard, I am just amazed. The colors are magnificent, the blossoms so delicate and the scent is pure heaven. I am in awe at mother nature, the Earth, the universe, and Divine Intelligence. I think to myself, how does a bee know to pollinate flowers? How do birds know where to migrate to and when? There is truly an intelligence that is unspoken that lives within each of us, is all around us, and connects us to each other.

In reading the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I completely fell in love her idea to think mystery not mastery in life. This is an incredible concept! Especially today, where majority of people are claiming to be an expert or professional at something. Everyone is so serious about their career, making enough money, being sucked into the digital sphere, concerned with how many likes they’ve gotten on Instagram, that were keeping ourselves in a very limited experience of what life can be. Our sense of mystery in life is dwindling fast. We have forgotten to keep our curious, playful, adventurous self turned on.

Yes, of course as adult we have responsibilities, things that need to get done. And there are certain things we can’t get away from in life. However, it seems that as children become adults we are trained to only think responsibly and in-the-box. Our entire system is structured to create workers rather than expansive minds that ask questions about life. Luckily some branch out and do it on their own. But were you ever asked in school or at a job interview “What is the most wondrous thing about life?” Hell no! Nobody gives a crap because everyone is trying to survive and have a leg up on their fellow human. People are trying to keep the roofs over their head and food on the table, without filing for bankruptcy.

We walk around pretending that we are all masters, and that we have this thing called life figured out. How exhausting! Even if we are really good at something, why should we claim the status of expert. Expert implies no room for growth. It also breeds a certain amount of narcissism. That we are bigger than it all. We have gotten so caught in the grind of a system and of social, political, and economic structures that we don’t question or wonder about the magnificence of our being here in the first place. Before the rat race began.

Approaching life from a space of mystery is truly a much more humbling experience. It allows you to always be open to learning, to ask questions. It takes the pressure of living from a headspace of already knowing everything. How could we know everything? We learn new things every single day (even if we don’t realize it). Isn’t the point of life to keep growing and expanding?

Mystery allows your most free inner child to come out and explore the world. Mystery is “Wow, the stars are so bright” to “I wonder if I can solve the equation this way”. Our inner child wants to take the whole journey with us! We have just left them behind. By inner child, I mean the natural instincts children have before they are programmed by the ways of human expectation. These natural instincts encourage us to be curious, ask questions, to be amazed that we are a part of something much larger than the self. To be in a state of mystery removes us from judgment. Kids don’t worry what others will think of them, and they don’t spend time thinking if little Suzie’s hair was uncombed. They just have a great time being themselves. They just are. They do, they play, they try things out. They feel and voice what feels good or not good to them. They aren’t limited by shoulds and shouldn’ts. They are living in the mystery of the present moment. Here is where we find openness, where we become more available to the possibilities, we stay humble because we aren’t claiming to be experts.

In the state of mystery, we open to our own creativity and genius because were not afraid of doing something wrong or good enough. We have more appreciation and gratitude for the experience of being alive. We are uplifted to the experience of wonder! What could be better than that? And! We have more fun!

Why wouldn’t we want all of those things?! Open yourself to this experience. Practice being in wonder of something every day. Be a beginner in all things, be open to possibility and find awe in the mystery of life.

“Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso

— Breanne Jenay Benson
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