Declutter your Closet Along with your Soul

Let’s be real, how much of your closet do you actually wear? 30%? Do you know that you are clogging up your heart along with your hangers? Getting rid of those clothes you won’t wear or that need to be ditched will not only free up your closet space but free your soul as well. Things that you didn’t even realize could be taking effect on your conscious mind. Taking you back a few steps instead of pushing you forward into the wondrous future of your new and improved closet.

First and foremost are the ex-boyfriend’s items, whether that be his comfy hoodie that you bring out on occasion just to smell and reminisce about the good old days, or his old hat that you wear down to the shops to hide your unwashed messy hair. They are coverups and reminders of a relationship that ended, and you need to break up with the items as well. Even though you might not realise it, items can influence your moods, covering your messy hair with his hat, can bring back memories of how you thought you weren’t good enough for him. Ugh, you don’t need that kind of negatively in your life. Now, it’s up to you whether you post them back peacefully, throw them in the trash or burn them. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Your old high school cheer skirt that has seen better days, or your middle school sweater that you put on every winter just to take pride in the fact that it still fits. These are unnecessary items, sure if the memories they hold are dear to you then keep them, but if they aren’t that important then throw them away. You are looking towards the future and you don’t need the validation of high school cliques or your skinny middle school self anymore.

You lost ten pounds. Yes girl! But somehow your clothes don’t reflect your amazing figure. You still bust out those old trackies and sweatshirts that fall down to your knees. Don’t hold onto them for comfort’s sake, throw them out and relish in the fact that you can buy brand new clothes that will help you embrace the new you.

Sometimes the things we love the most must be set free, that includes those heavily scuffed, well-worn boots with the missing buckle that you are holding onto in the hope that they will magically repair themselves. Sometimes it’s best to let go as you never know what is waiting around the next corner or in the next shoe store window.

— Emily Facoory
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