Tips for Styling Comfort and Class

When it comes to fashion there are so many different ways you can go, but not every option is going to work for every person. We all lead very different lives and our style should reflect that.

Over the years I have learned that to put it simply, dressing up is not my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I like a night out just as much as the next girl, but on the day to day, I tend to require a bit more flexibility. As a freelancer, I am often running from one thing to the next and I need my wardrobe to be able to accommodate that. It’s important to me that whatever I’m wearing is able to be comfortable and presentable all at once. I need to be able to sit and write at a cafe for hours and then get up and walk into a meeting. And while finding your own personal style can take some time, I would say start with whats important to you and then find ways to make it flexible! If you’re anything like me and looking for simple ways to stay flexible in your schedule, check out a few easy tips to add a little class to your comfort:

Find Your Colors

I talk about color a lot when it comes to style. Finding colors that work for you is important! Whether in your house or on your body, research shows that surrounding ourselves with color is powerful. Color has the ability to affect our mood and our productivity! Plus, when you wear colors you love you are more likely to feel confident! For me, I tend to stick to neutrals and unobtrusive patterns. I like small, thin lines and earth tones. But, that’s just what works for me! Pay attention to how colors make you feel and use that as a basis for building your wardrobe.

Comfortable Shoes

Shoes are a huge part of most people’s wardrobe. My suggestion for comfort would be find something close to the ground, with good arch support. No one wants achy feet halfway through the day! If you are looking to add a little professional touch consider a pair of oxfords or loafers.


Really, It’s all in the details. All you need to dress up an outfit is a little bit of flare! Find pieces that feel good, and have their own unique charm! Whether it’s a printed tee or a bit of embroidery, find what gives you that dash of class and go with it!

Class it Up

You can easily class up a slouchy tee with a good jacket, or a bold piece of jewelry. Consider adding a few things to your wardrobe that you can use to say, “I didn’t just throw this on without thinking.” Maybe it’s a watch, or maybe you dress up a comfortable pair of jeans with a simple button down. Get creative!

— Taren Maroun
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