How To Move Your Body Without Hating Your Life

The thought of getting up and going to the gym isn’t always the most appealing idea, I know. Especially with how busy our lives tend to be. When we work long hours, or have a full day, the gym is often the last thing we want to think about. Most of us want to spend our free time doing things we enjoy. But exercise is important; whether big or small, moving our body should be a priority. The good news is: exercise and enjoyment can be used in the same sentence! The key is in how you go about it.

When it comes to exercise tend I to lean toward activities that don’t feel like I’m working out. I don’t dislike the gym, but I will admit it can be monotonous. Sometimes it feels more like a job than something beneficial. That’s why, when it’s an option, I choose activities I enjoy; ones that are stimulating and challenging, and have movement built into them.

If you’re burnt out with the gym, or don’t particularly want to spend your free time inside, why not try something new? Grab a friend, get out and enjoy some movement!

Here are a couple fun activities to mix it up:


Get outdoors! There are so many positive benefits of spending time outdoors, but this activity can also double as a walk for your dog or some social time with friends! Find a good hike in your  area and get to it!

Rock Climbing

Turns out rock climbing is one of the best upper body workouts out there. Not only does this sport require physical endurance, but it also challenges your mental capacity as well. Climbing indoors is a great way to manage time, and give yourself a variety of challenges by choosing more difficult routes as you get stronger!


Biking is a great way to get moving on the daily, and with a ton of benefits! Riding instead of driving is a great way to see your city, or neighborhood. I’ve stumbled upon so many little gem’s in my area that I’d never seen when driving. Biking also can save you money that would be spent on gas, and according to the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, bicycling could help cut carbon emissions from urban transportation by 11 percent.


Nothing like a real life adventure to get you out and about! Grab a friend and go explore your city, searching for little hidden treasures along the way!


We can all agree that dancing is one of the easiest ways to sweat it out. Remember that wedding you went to, and how awkward it was to be asked to dance by that cutie because you smelled so bad after the Macarena? Exactly.


There are so many types of yoga one could choose from, and each of them aim to increase strength, flexibility and inner zen. People make it look easy, but I’m telling you: yoga will whoop your a**. So, if you like a challenge (mental and physical), get to it!

— Taren Maroun
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