Tips for Starting Small: #2 & #3

This month I’m sharing my tips for starting small to make a change. Read on for tips #2 & #3! Ps If you missed Tip #1, read that here 🙂

2. Do your research: It can be a Google search or a coffee klatch with your friends, but get a little bit of info before you start making changes. If you’re thinking about cutting sugar out of your diet, look up “What does sugar do to my body” to get a real sense of the physiology behind these changes.

3. Schedule time: To shop. To cook. To eat. To clean up. You’re never going to be able to jam a significant lifestyle change into the twenty minutes between leaving your office and getting to cocktails. Especially at the beginning you need to make time to put your plan into action. So put it on your calendar and stick to it. I pick three a nights a week when I know I am going to cook a meal. That also allows me to have leftovers of that healthy meal for lunch the next day. When it’s in my schedule, it’s less likely that I will get lazy and decide not to do it. (I’ve been doing the same thing with my workouts).

x Beth

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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    I LOVE your blog! I started following it a couple of months ago and I think you’re totally awesome. Your tips and tricks have actually inspired me to start my own little blog (still a work in progress…). So for that, thank you 🙂 That’s me starting small, scheduling time to write for a few minutes a day. xoxo


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