Up In The Air

I used to associate summer with zinc covered noses and popsicles that leave an indelible burgundy lip stain. I now look at my summer plans and it makes the presidential agenda look like a grocery list. There are weddings, bachelorette parties, holidays, birthdays, work trips, and family vacations – most involving some form of travel. During these times of what I like to call “fun busy” it’s easy to feel like you are spiraling out of control and losing grip of your meticulously crafted routine. When you are miles away from your favorite blender, a functioning washing machine, and maybe even the English language, it’s normal to not feel like you’re performing your best. So in the spirit of maintaining health, wellness, and the ability to carpe diem any destination location, I’ve pulled together a few helpful practices & tips that help me keep my cool:

  • Meditation on a Plane: If flying has you freaked, try a quick deep breath 10-minute meditation on the plane. You’re already sitting upright, and between a nice eye mask and the humming white noise from the plane, it can create a perfect storm of peace… even if you’re in the middle of a storm.
  • Snack Time: I always make sure to pack healthy snacks in case the group I’m traveling with has a less salubrious palate than myself. Dried fruit, raw almonds, and pre-cut vegetables can all be found in my purse. On ambitious occasions, I home make my own oatmeal/nut/seed “energy balls” to devour when hunger strikes. There’s also individual shelf-stable milk alternatives that I pack in my luggage when I expect that options will be limited.
  • Run the World: Get acquainted with your host town by going on a walk/jog around the area. The map of the town will become less daunting this way and you won’t feel as sluggish throughout the day. I try not to let go of exercise while traveling or on vacation because it gives me the energy to want to leave my hotel room! Even if all I squeezed in was 15 minutes of downward dog in my pajamas on the balcony.
  • V for Vitamin: At the risk of feeling like an octogenarian, I purchased one of those plastic day of the week vitamins containers and I have never looked back. I am now religious about taking my probiotics, vitamin C, and women’s daily multi-vitamin not just on days I’m home sweet home. I’ve also noticed I get sick less often post travel, probably not a coincidence.
  • Bookworm: Instead of splurging at the airport on the latest magazine informing you on how to cut down on thigh fat, use the promise of a new and intriguing novel to pass the time. It doesn’t have to be Yeats, it just has to capture the imagination. Not only will this keep your brain activity on the move, I know for me it really settles me down into a peaceful state.
  • Que Sera Sera: There is nothing unhealthier than stressing yourself out because your bags never showed, you missed your connecting flight, or you have buyer’s remorse from that overpriced souvenir shop. To eliminate disappointment, try to establish an expectation free mindset from the start, and then maintain that come-what-may attitude until the end. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself, life is meant to be lived.

-Chrissy Penido

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