3 Sustainable Brands for the Wild at Heart

In the wild, we consume only what we need, we enjoy what we have, and we choose things that last. We recognize that we are the keepers of our future—and the future of our children–so we invest in longevity, sustainability, and quality because we know that anything less is foolish.

We live in a world flooded with options. Everywhere we turn there is something new, something fresh, something we ‘have to have’. And while it is nice to get what we want when we want it, it’s usually at the cost of sustainability.

The more we buy into our ‘need’, the more we turn from our wild-instinct, allowing the mindless machine of consumerism to devour our resources and our people. If we continue on this path we will one day wake to a world ruined of its genius, leeched of its creativity and tragically lacking its natural resources. It is up to us—those of us who can see beyond our immediate desires— to step away from our need and back into the rhythms of the wild.

In the spirit of the wild, here are 3 sustainable brands you’re sure to love:


Forestbound was born in 2007 at the hands of Alice Saunders. Since then this little operation has continued on an upward trajectory while keeping to its humble roots. The team at Forestbound makes some incredible canvas bags from salvaged material, and they do it all themselves. The designing, cutting, sewing, shipping is all done under one roof, in their Somerville, Masachussets studio.

Alice also founded a sweet little side project called Long May They Run. The project is dedicated to getting active and using your body in honor of those who no longer can, and all profits are donated to The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration.


This Australian based brand is not only beautiful, but everything they source is ethically made and fairly traded through direct partnerships with artisan groups in Argentina. Pampa, led by Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson, two photographers (one Australian and one Argentinian) was founded with the desire to protect the woven heritage of the Argentinian culture for the next generation. Alongside the beautiful rugs, blankets, and cushions, Pampa offers some of the most breathtaking prints of Argentinian horses I’ve ever seen. 


Since 2012, the crew at Teysha has been working to create flourishing communities, ripe with artistic expression through sustainable fashion. Working directly with artisan communities throughout the Americas, Teysha aims for quality over quantity, producing beautiful leather boots with traditionally informed artistry. Not only are they striving to connect people and build bridges within communities but they also aim to create experiences and good that promotes the celebration of diversity.  Every step they take is one for ’weaving a new world, together.’

— Taren Maroun
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