Morning Rich-uals

Want to get rich? No, I’m not talking about that green paper physical commodity sort of rich – I’m talking about obtaining richness in your life through mastering your mind, body, and spirit in your morning routine practice.  Truth be told, the way you prime yourself for the day has an enormous impact on the quality of your day and by extension, your life. Think about that one time you slept through your alarm clock, missed that opportunity for breakfast, forgot to brush your teeth and ran out the door in a state of complete chaos (we’ve all been there)!  This state of anxiety sets a negative tone for your entire day and chances are, the remainder of your day didn’t pan out to be smooth sailing either.

Developing a morning practice provides you with the necessary opportunity to exercise self-love everyday, establishing your state of being and those needs you need met (you have to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help others, am I right?!).  When you have that time to center yourself (read: treat yo self), you will notice a major shift in your ability to then truly show up for your role in the world and for others in your life.  What’s that saying again – Self-care is the new black?!  We all operate and function differently so when reading the examples of popular practices below, see what resonates most for you.  Whether you want to give yourself 10 minutes or an hour, you will not regret holding a bit of space to prime yourself for the day ahead.  Time to wake up and smell the routine, my friends!

#1 Water – Let’s take things nice and slow.  Drinking a tall glass (or three) of water first thing in the morning is an easy adjustment to your daily lifestyle that pays off big.  Not only does it hydrate your body after waking up in a state of dehydration, but flooding your body first thing on an empty stomach will help flush out toxins, fire up your metabolism, get your skin glowing, and get those unspoken accumulations in your body… flowing.

#2 Meditation -You probably already know this, but I’m here to tell you again: MEDI-FREAKING-TATION.  The drastic benefits I have noticed personally and from others around me after developing a medi practice is simply life-altering  If you’re ready for a sharper mind, better concentration, more happiness, a stronger intuition, and less anxiety, stress, and depression then hot tip: start meditating.  Meditation can be as simple as sitting still, closing your eyes, and breathing into your belly for a few minutes or perhaps following a 10 minute guided session through an app on your phone such as Headspace or Smiling Mind.  Don’t overthink it (pun intended) and don’t knock it before you try it.  Like anything, it takes practice, but once you see the drastic amount of benefits that come from quieting your mind, you won’t want to stop and will slowly be able to work your way up to more and more minutes of stillness.  As the Zen proverb goes, “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy.  Then you should sit for an hour” (mic drop).

#3 Positive Thinking – So many of us operate from a victimized and reactive place on a daily basis.  Instead of waiting for life to throw something good or bad our way, reacting to it, and then having that determine our emotional state, why not try setting a positive emotional frequency in the AM to set yourself up for a damn good day?  Like attracts like so if you’re hoping to have a wonderful day, remember the more positive your emotional state is, the more positive your experiences are going to be.  Your emotional state is what is going to set off the law of attraction in your life; and since you get what you think about,  think good thoughts in the morning.  It’s not rocket science, it’s physics, ya’ll. 

#4 Gratitude – Another way to help raise your vibe is to develop a gratitude practice.  Simply write down, say out loud, or silently think about 3 things you’re grateful for every morning.  You can even do this while brushing your teeth, making coffee, or lying in bed.  It can be as silly as being thankful that the sun’s out or that you didn’t wake up with a pimple, but being grateful for what you already have and taking the time to acknowledge that is a powerful practice.  I know we all have bad days and the struggle can be real, but that struggle truly ends when gratitude begins and training your brain to see the positive in everything will help bring much more peace and balance into your life.

#5 Visualization – As we all know, seeing is believing and our thoughts and emotions determine our reality so really realizing that if you can hold it in your mind you can hold it in your hand is gold.  Whatever it is you have on your plate for the day or the goals you are hoping to reach, take a few minutes to visualize receiving that which you want and really soak in the feeling of already having it.  You will then begin to operate from that place and a new emotional state.  Visualizing your wants and desires brings you that much closer to achieving them.  Give it a shot – it just might take you to places you would have never imagined…

#6 Detox – There are many gentle detoxing practices one can start incorporating into a morning routine as well!  Our bodies work so hard all night long to clean and clear our systems that it’s the least we can do to assist it along it’s tracks. Tongue scraping, oil pulling, dry body brushing, cold water showering or warm lemon water sipping are all simple and gentle detoxifying methods we can practice to more quickly and efficiently rid toxins out from our systems (looking at you Vodka Soda). 

#7 Clean Eats – Think about your current breakfast situation. Are you nourishing your body and brain in a way that fuels and energizes you or are you eating foods that make you feel sluggish, tired and unmotivated?  Our bodies are like cars, give it good fuel and it will take you places, but you can’t continue to put low quality gas into a Ferrari and expect it to fly.  Fuel good, feel good – simple as that.  Pay attention to the foods you are consuming for your most important meal of the day and the way those foods are making your body feel.  If it’s not making you feel at least an 8 out of 10 then you deserve better. If you find it too difficult to break up with your Lucky Charms at this point in time, just start by consuming a piece of fruit or a green smoothie before your bowl of sugar.  Crowd out, baby.

#8 Movement – Anything you can do to get the blood flowing in the morning is a good thing! If sneaking in a morning workout doesn’t jive with you, try a few jumping jacks, some yoga poses, or even simple stretching.  Movement can be a significant source of energy and a good way to wake up both your body and mind. 

To sum it all up, setting aside some time for a morning practice can and will drastically impact your overall life and well-being.  You will quickly begin to notice that the productivity from your practice will carry out through the rest of your day and you’ll start to clearly see the reason why so many leaders and successful entrepreneurs continually practice their own routines, crediting it to their daily successes. Play around and see which types of practices work best for you, but the most important thing is really just giving yourself that time to consistently do a few healthy things every morning that light you up and set you up for productivity.  “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine” -John C Maxwell

— Ali Karsant
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