Daily Essentials – What I Can’t Leave Home Without

I’m always on the go and spend hours out and about whether it’s on-set, working out, or spending time with friends and family. If you ask me to open my purse, it’s basically a Mary Poppins bag filled with goodies to get me through the day. Here are my essentials that I can’t leave home without:

Facial Moisturizer – Living in Southern California your skin is always dry because it’s basically a desert so I try to combat that with a solid facial moisturizer that I can wear all day but without that heavy/oily feeling on my face.

Hand lotion – Since I’m running around all day I’m constantly washing my hands so I keep a silky smooth hand lotion with me at all times.

Sunscreen – I have very fair skin and want to keep it healthy so I lather myself up with SPF 50 to avoid harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun.

Lip gloss – One of my favorite beauty items that adds a pop of color just when you need it and a quick fix when I need a little bit of shine.

Healthy snacks – I find that if I pack healthy snacks to munch on while I’m on the move, I tend to make better decisions about food when I sit down for a meal because then I’m not starving and ordering with my eyes. So, I like to pack my own pre-made trail mix, a little fruit and some veggies that I can dip in hummus, yum!

Sunglasses – Blue eyes are the most susceptible to sun damage so I keep mine covered as much as possible. A fun, quirky pair is my go-to glasses look.

Dry Shampoo – I try not to wash my hair everyday because it tends to dry it out, so I throw a little dry shampoo and my hair looks like new + it adds a nice amount of volume to my locks.

Deodorant – Cause sometimes I just need a little refresher 😉

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