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Part of my starting this website is to give back to the community and my fans in ways that are deeper and really meaningful. I thought about how many other companies are out there doing the same thing (and on a way bigger scale) and wanted to highlight them here. Because they’re kick ass and I want you all to know.

This Bar Saves Lives – For every bar you buy, their non profit partner creates a package of food and sends it to people who need it most.

Hawkins Mikita– Todd Hawkins and Justin Mikita are not only two of my dearest friends, they happen to run an amazing company where they work with thought leaders in social innovation and political action to make a change and inspire positive action. I couldn’t be more proud to be working with them on #SheHerdPower <3

The Giving Keys – Based out of LA, they employ once homeless individuals aiding them in their journey for permanent housing.

Brass & Unity – Proceeds from the #SheHerdPower collection will be donated to help #SheHerdPower expand their program into the future to further benefit sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors.

Warby Parker – True leaders in the eyewear industry, they’re a non profit supporting youth literacy, every time a pair is purchased, they will donate a pair to someone in need.
Parker ClayHelps lift women out of prostitution in Ethiopia by providing them with jobs and education. With each product, they partner with the non-profit Ellilta – Women at Risk to empower women in Ethiopia to realize their potential.

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  1. Kimberly Belcher
    Kimberly Belcher says:

    Women Employed is a great nonprofit that works for bettering and supporting women. Beauty Counter is also a great skin care and make up with non Toxic ingredients. And trying to have the government ban cosmetics with harmful chemicals. 2 Wonderful Organizations.


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